Thursday, January 4, 2018

Benjamin Moore Colour Trends for 2018

I'm so excited for the 2018 Colour Trends this year partly because I already have so many in my home. RED is one of my favourite to ORANGE of course. It doesn't look like orange is in the forecast this year. Does this mean CEDAR detail is out...well I don't think so. I'm loving the contrast between the slightly greenish grey with the vibrant red.

 Photos taken from Benjamin Moore's 2018 Colour Trend Website.

Monday, August 28, 2017

9 Ways to Refresh Your Summer Container Gardens for Fall

There’s no need to completely rework your summer containers to give them fall flair. Instead, check out these nine ideas for updating existing container gardens (or, if you’re inspired, potting up new ones), including one plant to add for instant drama, and a zero-effort, lazy-gardener’s trick for covering a bare spot. Click Here for full article courtesy of 

1. Add bold foliage plants. Swap tired warm-season flowers for richly colored foliage plants, leaving mature evergreens and long-lasting perennials in place. For example, this sizzling container in Vancouver, Washington, relies on a mature New Zealand flax (Phormium sp., USDA zones 8 to 11; find your zone) to add height to the design, with brightly colored foliage plants providing seasonal interest. 

Here, wine-red coleus, golden Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra, zones 4 to 9) and zingy lime-green ornamental sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas, zones 9 to 11) create a dramatic display. Although the coleus and sweet potato vine are not winter-hardy, they could be traded for coral bells or heather moving into the holidays.

Friday, June 2, 2017

How to Pack for your Move in a Weekend

So I have said this many times before, and some of you are witness to this, "it takes three days to pack and three days to unpack." I have done it and proven that this works.
When I lived in Toronto I moved 13 times in 10 years. Granted it was just me and not a family of four, but same concept. Back then, I could do it in a day. What would drive me nuts about packing ahead of schedule is the "what box did I put the (blank) in?" Looking for that item that I packed a month ago, thinking I would no longer need it, but then not finding it urged me to create the 3 by 3 packing. I say pack your self a bag like you are going on holiday for the weekend, make sure you have stocked up on tons of paper, boxes, bubble wrap, etc., buy a bottle of wine and easy food, then just pack. Sorry, don't forget some great packing music. Motown, disco, 80's I dating myself here. No more one month ahead packing one box at a time, trying to pace things out! It's like pure torture and feels like you are packing for weeks...because you are! I came across this article on and it inspired me, and finally proved me right! (gotta love that!)

Here are my top 12 tips on how to make the packing process quick and a little less painful. (According to Click here for the full article.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top 6 Home Improvements to Add Value

From Royal LePage Homeowner Tips:  Homeowners often look to customize their home for personal enjoyment and to appeal to future buyers.  So, we ask, which remodelling projects add the most value?

Homeowners are often inclined to renovate to suit their individual preferences and lifestyles. However, while turning a garage into a music studio may be your heart’s desire, it’s important to be cognizant that future buyers will likely just want to park the car.

Regular and systematic home maintenance provides the best return on investment. Although, there are a few renovations that consistently offer above average return on investment.

According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost versus Value Report ( the following are among the mid-range renovations that homeowners who are looking to sell may wish to consider. To protect your investment, be sure to obtain work permits and consult a professional before embarking on any project where maximum return on your investment is sought.

Attic insulation (fibreglass).You can recoup more than 90 per cent of the costs based on immediate energy savings and your home’s future resale value.

Garage door replacement. Maximum impact on curb appeal and increase functionality. Recoup up to 90 per cent of your investment.

Entry door replacement (steel). Quickly improve the curb appeal of your home while reducing heating and cooling costs. Estimated return on investment is more than 80 per cent.

Manufactured stone veneer. Add curb appeal to the exterior of your home, or to accent specific areas within the home. Recoup up to 75 per cent of your investment.

Minor kitchen remodel. Based on a mid-range investment of about $20,000, you can expect to recoup about 70 per cent.

Deck addition (wood). Add a deck to increase outdoor living space and recoup up to 66 per cent of your investment.

The more you align the features and attributes of your home with those preferred by consumers, the greater the value you will create.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Royal LePage National Garage Sale for Shelter on May 13th

Come out on May 13th from 8:00am - 12:00pm to Royal LePage Frank in Peterborough for the 9th Annual National Garage Sale for Shelter in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.  Our location, along with Royal LePage offices across Canada, will be transformed into an oasis for bargain hunters as they join together to host the event.

This annual sale brings local residents together with Royal LePage Realtors® to raise much-needed funds and awareness to help break the cycle of family violence. One hundred percent of all funds raised at the Royal LePage Frank Garage Sale for Shelter will support  YWCA Crossroads.

If you are in the Peterborough area and have items to donate, please contact me or come by the office at 244 Aylmer Street.  We will accept all kinds of household items and can store them until the event, and if you have some plants to split from your garden let me know.  I donate a handful from my garden every year, and along with a few others we usually have a nice selection of perennials.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Benefits of Landscaping with Native Plants

Native plants species often require lower maintenance, less water, and can reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides.  As a natural part of the local ecology, they are also more resilient and limit the spread of invasive species.  Three Sisters Landscaping Services in Peterborough specializes in native species as a part of healthy and sustainable neighborhoods.  If you are interested, check out their Facebook page for more information.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sound Advice on Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

Septic systems are the major contributor of pollutants such as phosphorous to lakes in the region.  Faulty systems have significant consequences for the health and enjoyment of waterways in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.  This video by Rob Davis, who recently made a presentation to Royal LePage realtors, explains how your septic works and outlines some simple steps to make sure they are preforming properly.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

10 Most Common Buying and Selling Mistakes

It’s worth the effort to learn about the home buying and selling process; doing so could save you time, stress and money. One way to protect yourself is to learn from the mistakes of others.
“RECO is responsible for protecting home buyers and sellers, and we’ve seen too many Ontarians fall victim to easily avoidable buying and selling hazards,” says RECO’s Registrar Joseph Richer. “Being mindful of these issues can help the process go a lot smoother.”

Click on the above image for some good tips to keep you on track with your real estate needs!  From the Real Estate Council of Ontario's Reconnect Newsletter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Homeowner Newsletter - Fall 2016

Click here for the Homeowner Fall 2016 Newsletter!

Articles Include:
  • A glance at home prices across Canada: second quarter of 2016
  • Home improvements add value
  • Start with a plan for a bathroom reno
  • When is the best time to sell my home?
  • Royal LePage recognized for volunteerism

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Will New Mortgage Requirements Affect Buying a Home in Peterborough?

The federal government recently announced new mortgage requirements that they call "preventative measures for a healthy, competitive and stable housing market". While the tightening of requirements for foreign investors is gaining much attention, it is the new "stress test" on the ability to pay a mortgage that may have the most impact. 

New tighter mortgage rules are aiming to protect all of us in the event mortgage rates rise. The low rates we have been enjoying for more than a decade are bound to change. For some, you might have another 5 years to enjoy your current rate.  But for the families that have a renewal in the near future or those who are just entering the market, they are going to be crossing their fingers that rates won't go up.  However, if the banks start pre-qualifying you at a higher rate, both you and your mortgage lender can be assured that when rates do go up, you will be able to pay.

Now some of us might complain about how this is going to effect many buyers from buying a home, or it might slow down the market.  My stand-point is that Canada has had one the strongest housing markets in the world, so we must be doing something right.  Successive governments have put in place rules that help prevent the kind of volatility we have seen south of the border.  

As for it slowing the real estate market in Peterborough, I don't believe it's likely in the near future.  There is a large demand for properties in the Peterborough area, and although houses are selling for much more than asking price, the average home prices are still much lower than the GTA or Durham. It seems Peterborough is the place to be, and a great place to move to.

For more information on the new rules visit:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Toronto Fall Home Show

The Toronto Fall Home Show is on this weekend (September 23-25) in the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place. With numerous exhibitors it is a great place to find fresh ideas and helpful design information.  The Toronto Star has a small feature on the show which notes this year's theme "Shape your Space", and the "Upcycle Challenge" where celebrity experts will create storage solutions from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore furniture.  Should be fun with lots of inspiration for any renovation plans you might have in the works!